Chris loves to write.

As well as articles for periodicals, he has published two books of poetry, both available from www.proost.co.uk. or via Amazon.

Firstly, ‘Listing’-

Here is the Proost blurb from Jonny Baker;

Listing is a little gem, a surprise that came Proost’s way over the horizon from Chris Goan. He loves crafting words, playing with words, chewing over words, creating and re-creating worlds with words. His poems and meditations are a delight, spinning off from and opening up new takes on familiar verses of ancient wisdom from the scriptures. It’s the second book from Chris on proost. The first is the wonderful meditation he wrote to go along with Si Smith’s images of Christ’s journey into the wilderness ‘40’. The books is available as both hard copy or to download as pdf.

Most recently, Proost published ‘Ten Thousand places’

This is a collection of poems written over a ten year period, taking some broad themes (Humanity, Family, Community, Faith, Wilderness) and looking for the deeper things of grace in the mix…

Chris’s first book was a self published collection of prose and poetry called ‘Blue Dark’- still available from here-

Some of Chris’s writing can also be found in ’40’- written to accompany Si Smith’s stunning images of Jesus in the wilderness. This is also available from Proost. Here is an example of Si’s images from the book-

Finally- Chris blogs at ‘this fragile tent’ on issues of spirituality, creativity and all sorts of of other stuff…

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