Wilderness retreats

Here in Dunoon we are on the fringes of some of the most amazing wild places- lochs, mountains, forest, sea scapes and small uninhabited islands. Opportunities for being immersed in wilderness- with all the glory and all the vulnerabilities of this- are everywhere. For Chris, and other members of Aoradh, the spirituality of wilderness was something that was impossible to ignore.

We began taking trips to wild places as a group, and allowing the shape of the landscape to become a means by which we might approach God- caves, rivers, mountain tops, small islands. In doing this, we are aware that we are part of a long tradition in these parts. The west coast of Scotland, and the small Argyll islands in particular, are littered with the remains of other pilgrims including the many monastic sites from the missionary Celtic saints.

More recently we have very much enjoyed sharing these experiences with others.

There is information about some of our previous trips here-


Eileach an Naoimh


The McCormaig isles

Aoradh have a tradition of running a yearly wilderness retreat as part of our annual programme. However these events have proved to be so amazing and meaningful that we at Sgath an Tighe have decided to provide opportunities for others to undergo such a retreat.


The retreats normally take place over a long weekend- Friday to Monday. The first and last evenings will be typically be spent at Sgath an Tighe, with the other two nights camping wild on an uninhabited island or wild lochside.

We provide the itinerary, book the transport and provide a kit list. We will then lead you through the retreat, using a combination of times of sharing, times of silence and led meditations.

We have been doing this for a long time now- but there is always a measure of risk in wild places. For more information, please have a look at the kit list and general comments.

If you are interested in taking part in one of our wilderness retreats, contact us and we will discuss your requirements

It is also possible to set up ‘mini expeditions’ for small groups/families. These would be typically for a day, or an evening. Again, contact us for details.


We are keen to make trips like this affordable. The costs of different trips will vary however- dependent on transport costs (boat charter, numbers of participants etc.) Typically, a retreat will be led by two people.

All this adds up to a price per person of around £60-£100 for the weekend. There may be extra costs to plan in- transport/accommodation either side of the trip for example.

Accommodation either side of the trip (which is of course optional) would be an extra, but reduced rates will be available at Sgath an Tighe.

If you are part of a group who are interested in another weekend, it may be possible to arrange a trip for you.

It is also possible to set up ‘mini expeditions’ for small groups/families. These would be typically for a day or an evening. Contact us for details.

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